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You can’t always plan for a spill, but when you do, we’re here to help.  If you have any questions about how we can help with your situation, just let us know. We have high-quality carpet cleaning services that are designed for homes and businesses in the area, and we offer unbeatable pricing that’s competitive with other local companies.

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Here are answers to some most popular questions on carpet cleaning.

It depends on the traffic in your home and how often spills and stains occur. We recommend a bi-annual cleaning schedule for homes with average traffic and quarterly for homes with higher volumes of traffic or pets.

We ask that customers move their furniture out of the room, but we can do it if they'd prefer. We just want to make sure that we don't cause any damage to furniture legs or the floor's finish.

Yes, we use special equipment that will lift out old stains from the carpet fibers so that new stains have less of a chance at getting into them. We remove even the toughest stains so don't hesitate to call us.

 In most cases, yes. Carpet cleaning is a two-step process: First, a carpet cleaner vacuums the carpet to remove any loose dirt or particles. Next, the carpet cleaner uses specialized equipment to clean the carpet and extract moisture from it.

After you've waited for the carpet to dry, you can check for cleanliness by running your hand over the carpet and feel if there are still any stains. If there are still stains present, then your carpet needs to be cleaned again. If your carpet is still dirty after the second cleaning, then you should contact the company that cleaned your carpets to find out what went wrong, and potentially get a refund or discount on another cleaning service.